One of the Many Forthcoming Critiques of D.B. Hart’s New Book

My comment:

“While done in a kinder gentler fashion, your critique of Hart is (in my humble(!) opinion) predictable, shallow and dismissive. I genuinely wonder if the livelihood and the institutional entrenchment (not to speak of the respect of others of like mind) were not quite so important to many who hold positions of authority in the Church and Christian academia – if they would give Hart’s simple but profound arguments the weight and consideration they are due.

And how many times have I heard Calvinists say, “He really just doesn’t understand Calvinism”! It makes me wonder, does anyone? I was a 5-pointer for around 15 years (a PCA pastor and a graduate of RTS). Maybe I am just clueless? (Yes, maybe…)

The cult of Calvinism (sorry, I was predestined to say that) has blinded the minds of many – and obscured the very fundamental revelation of God’s Glory: His Goodness (NOT His sovereignty)! That – I believe – is what has raised the ire of Dr. Hart – who sees clearly this is not just another theological aside, but strikes at the very core of the true nature of God – and the scope of the Gospel as unconditional Good News: That, “while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son”… Yes – He has acted sovereignly – unilaterally to accomplish all He purposed to do via His Word (Jesus Christ – cf. Is. 55:11ff) – nothing less than the reconciliation of ALL things – and the salvation of the World. That’s enough – I’m sorry – I do get a bit exercised about these things…. please forgive me any and all unnecessary offense…”

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