Dr. Larry Chapp and Universalism – Part One

Muddling Through Life

I find myself in the strange place of at the same time having considerable distaste for the Roman Catholic Church while admiring a number of their very public speakers.  In the forefront of my admiration is Dr. Larry Chapp.  Being a writer myself, I am deeply appreciative of Dr. Chapp as a man who is both a wordsmith of a high degree as well as a destroyer of verbal buffoonery.  Dr. Chapp excels at both with legendary use of the English language.

In a recent post on the Internet, Dr. Chapp expresses his standing on Apokatastasis (Universal Reconciliation of all things) as being “a creative tension” between the eternal hell of torment and universal salvation precisely because, as he sees it, the Bible clearly teaches them both.  In reading his post, I can sense a certain frustration because an answer is not readily or clearly available.  To try to…

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