God Became Human, So That We Might Become God


This is the 30th and final blog in this series which began with the blog Being and Becoming Human. The previous blog is God Became Human.  Humanity begins from God, and according to the Orthodox understanding of salvation, our ultimate end is in God.  Humans are created in God’s image, which makes it possible for the Word of God to become human (incarnation), which leads to humans being able to become divine (theosis).   This is God’s narrative for humanity as recorded in the Scriptures and as taught by the Church.

“… those beautiful words of St Athanasius of Alexandria (+373): ‘God became “sacrophore”—bearer of our flesh—so that mankind might become “pneumatophore—bearer of the Holy Spirit.’”  (Michael Quenot, THE ICON, p 55)

God created the universe, the beginning of space and time, which through science is detected as the Big Bang.  Humans are…

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