“God Is Love – BUT..” Theology

This video comes out my recent experience in debating a “hardened” Calvinist (pun intended!)

With every allusion I made to God’s Love – he countered with God’s Holiness and Wrath – that God would be “just” to send us all to an eternal hell immediately.

Although the wounds are fresh – I thank God for this encounter – many response videos will probably come out of it all – and I truly pray it may help just one person who is caught in this horrific theology (which I once was) – and that they will see the Light of His Holy, Glorious LOVE!

Yeah – I know it’s not that “simple”… but isn’t it?
I know that God IS Holy, Righteous, Just – but (yes – MY “but”!) none of these can be properly separated from His Love – His very essence.
His essence? Yes – for ALL eternity God has existed in the familial love of Father, Son and Holy Spirit (call it heresy – and not being dogmatic here – but I like to think of the Spirit as kind of the “mother” in this forever “family”).
And – out of the super abundant overflow of this infinite love came creation – eventually you and me… fearfully and wonderfully made “in His image” – of “great worth” to the Father…
Yes – we have lost our way – we have rebelled against this love – we are ALL “prodigals”….
and yet…
the Father awaits our return.
Would you EVER give up on any of your children? How much more God…
His Love is no less than the Love described in that most wonderful passage from the pen of Paul – who had experienced something of the depth of that Love first hand…
HIS Love is patient and kind
HIS Love is not easily angered (BUT – there is no anger like the anger of genuine Love!)
HIS Love “keeps no records of wrongs…”
HIS Love “endures all things…”
HIS Love “never fails….”
God – the Triune God – is NOT “Love BUT”
God IS Love…

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